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Live Events

For the Kids

Welcome to our best selection of live events and attractions that are set to turn your family outings into unforgettable adventures! Whether you're in the buzzing streets of Dubai or the scenic coasts of Abu Dhabi, there's an exhilarating world of entertainment waiting for you and your little ones.
We've scoured the UAE to find the best, most engaging activities that promise not just fun, but also a sprinkle of education and a whole lot of imagination. From theatrical wonders to interactive experiences, get ready to dive into a world where stories come to life and every day is a new opportunity to spark joy and curiosity in your children!

Featured Events

The Little Prince: Story of a Friendship

Embark on a magical journey with The Little Prince, as Antoine de Saint-Exupery's timeless story is reimagined using breathtaking modern technology. This 360-degree immersive experience brings the story to life in ways beyond the written page, igniting imagination and wonder in a dazzling display that will captivate both you and your children.
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Bluey's Big Play

Dive into the charming world of Bluey's Big Play, a live theater experience that brings the Emmy Award-winning animated series to life. Watch as Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli turn everyday family life into extraordinary adventures, creating a playful and heartwarming spectacle that resonates with kids and parents alike.

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Masha and the Bear Live

Join Masha and the Bear in a spectacular live musical adventure! This enchanting show takes families on a journey through the magic of the forest, meeting its amazing inhabitants and sharing laughs and lessons along the way. It's a perfect blend of music, fun, and storytelling that will delight children of all ages.
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Scooby Doo

Get ready for a mystery with Scooby Doo and the gang in an exciting live adventure! Using cutting-edge technology, music, and magic, this show transports you to the haunted South American town of Alta Luz. Unravel the mystery of La Dama de Oro alongside your favorite characters in a thrilling, interactive experience.
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KidZania Dubai

Explore KidZania Dubai, a 7000-square-meter mini-city that offers a unique blend of entertainment and education. Children aged four to 16 can engage in over 70 real-life activities, learning about various professions through fun role-play. It's a dynamic world where kids develop skills like decision-making, teamwork, and creativity in the most exciting way possible.
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SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Discover the wonders of marine life at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the region's first marine life theme park. This memorable visit is more than just entertainment, it's an opportunity to learn about ocean conservation and the importance of protecting marine habitats. Inspiring and educational, it's a perfect day out for families who love to explore and learn together.
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IMG Worlds of Adventure

Experience the thrill at IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai's first mega-themed entertainment destination. With five epic adventure zones, including renowned brands like Cartoon Network and Marvel, as well as original concepts, this is a place where fantasy meets reality. From haunted hotels to dinosaur adventures, it's a world of excitement for the entire family.
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Enjoy exploring these fantastic events and attractions, each offering a unique blend of fun, learning, and adventure in the UAE for you and your family!