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Free Atlantis Aquapark Entry with Dolphin Experiences

It’s only fitting that one of the world’s most beautiful, renowned, and exciting resorts would provide activities with one of the animal kingdom’s most intelligent, personable, and fun creatures. On top of this, make the most of an unmissable deal and receive a complimentary day pass to Aquaventure water park if you book before January 30 2024. Yes, we're serious. Hurry up and get booking!

Featured events

Sea Lion Encounter

The first thing you may notice about these dolphins is that they aren't dolphins at all - well spotted! However, these sea lions are just as friendly, inquisitive and intelligent as their blow-holed counterparts. Take the plunge and spend some quality time with these amazing, humorous creatures.
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Dolphin Encounter

Enjoy a personal and unforgettable shallow-water dolphin interaction when you wade into waist-high crystal-clear waters and enter the intriguing and playful world of these playful porpoises. They’re known to show off somewhat, so keep your eyes peeled as they perform some of their favorite tricks.
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Atlantis: Dolphin Swim

Dance with dolphins in their deep-water domain and hold on tight for a belly-ride tour of their home. If you’re lucky, and polite to your new hosts, then they may even push you across the surface on a boogie board. You won’t be forgetting that in a hurry.
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Atlantis Dolphin Kayak

There are no better, more sought-after, or highly-qualified kayaking tour guides than dolphins. They know these waters like the back of their fins. Drift alongside the resident dolphins, surrounded by lush and tropical landscaping. Remember to listen out for their witty and informed remarks about the area (they can be hard to understand, but it’s well worth a go).

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Atlantis Dolphin Paddle

Enhance your balance skills on a stand-up paddle board while gliding through the stunning Dolphin Bay lagoon alongside the inquisitive, playful, and friendly local creatures. Learn all about their habits and behaviors as you paddle through their stunning habitat.

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